Tools Are Cool Storytime

Our “Tools are Cool” Storytime is a great introduction to identifying tools and power tools for kids. Introducing this concept early on can be a strong S.T.E.A.M concept for little creators who hope to build and utilize tools to problem solve.

To preview the songs we sing at the intro and outro of our Storytimes, visit our “Favorite Programming Songs” post under the Children’s Services tab, or under Themes.

Talking Points:

  • Do you know what a tool is? A tool is anything we use to fix, mend or create something. Tools help us build buildings, fix leaks, or repair bikes.
  • Sometimes we build things using instructions, and sometimes we build things using our imagination.
  • Have you ever seen your parents, grandparents or caregivers using tools in your home?
  • Have you ever used a tool to help build, fix, or create something?

Sensory display: Present wooden or plastic tools for the child to pass around. List the names of the tools as you go and mimic the motions of using them. Bop the hammer on your palm as if hitting in a nail, twist the screwdriver with your fingers, etc. You can also print out images of the tools and pair them with their names.

Read: Tap Tap Bang Bang by Emma Garcia.

Sing: “Construction Worker Song” (to the tune of This is the Way we Brush Our Teeth)

This is the way we pound our nails, pound our nails, pound our nails

This is the way we pound our nails, so early in the morning

(Saw the wood, turn the screwdriver, drill a hole, stack the bricks, stir the paint, paint the walls)

Action Rhyme: Five Little Fasteners (Use your fingers and put one finger down after each line to count down with the rhyme)

I’ve got one nail to hammer,

one screw to screw,

one hook to bend,

one peg to glue,

and the last little bolt gets tightened all the way through. 

Read: Tools Rule by Aaron Meshon

Sing: “Johnny/Joannie Works With One Hammer” (Nursery Rhyme)

Johnny works with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer
Johnny works with one hammer, and then he works with two
(Two hammers – both fists on legs; Three hammers – both fists on legs and one foot on the floor; Four hammers – both fists on legs and both feet on the floor; Five hammers – both fists on legs, both feet on floor and nod head up and down; “And then he goes to sleep!”)

Imagination Play Prompts:

  • Let’s build a house together. What should we build first, and what tools will we use?
  • Let’s play Hardware Store. Using play tools make of wood, plastic, or printed images of tools, have children pretend to buy items from you by naming the tool they want.
  • Our boat has sprung a leak! Only special tools can fix these leaks! Name out tools the children purchased in the previous prompt and have them assist you in fixing the boat.

Craft: Paper Tool Belt. We folded a piece of construction paper lengthwise and stapled the sides to create a long pocket. Extra construction paper strips created the “belt” portion, which we taped/glued to the pocket. The children colored the tools below, cut them out, and added them to their construction paper tool belt.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Children may be able to name some basic household tools
  • Children will be using critical thinking in their imaginative play
  • We will have introduced children to engineering concepts, in the most basic sense
  • Children will be practicing early literacy concepts and kindergarten preparedness, such as using scissors appropriately

And that’s the End: I was bereft to learn that the reference to Tim the Tool Man Taylor is officially too old to make. Nothing like a bunch of pre-k’s to make you feel like you’re aging right off into oblivion. Bob the Builder is still a timely reference, though, believe it or not! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or additional ideas for a Tools-themed Storytime.

Keep going & keep kids curious!

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