Cookies & Counting Storytime

Our “Cookies & Counting” Storytime is an easy counting-up program, with a sweet twist. Counting up to twenty is an important pre-kindergarten skill, while the concept of “excavating” chocolate chip cookies introduces the scientific method.

To preview the songs we sing at the intro and outro of our Storytimes, visit our “Favorite Programming Songs” post under the Children’s Services tab, or under Themes.

Talking Points:

  • Does anyone here like cookies? Can you name a few of your favorite kinds of cookies?
  • How many cookies do you think you can eat?
  • I can eat 20 cookies! Can you count to 20 with me?

Sensory display: I created sprinkle cookies using felt and added them to a felt board. Each cookie is a different pastel color. We counted the cookies up to five, then backwards from five to zero. We use these felt cookies later on in the Storytime, but I introduce them here so that the children could have a visual display before we settled into reading.

Read: The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Video created by Division Children’s Books Read Aloud

Sing: “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” (Song from various sources, I modified this rendition for pre-k appropriate audience)

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? (slap hands on knees to the beat of the chant)

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Who, they? Yes, they! No way! Then heeeeey, whoooo….

(Invite a child to the front to “steal” a felt cookie, or a printed cut-out cookie or cookie prop. They take the cookie back with them to sit down. Countdown how many cookies remain. The song continues:

(Child’s name) stole the cookies from the cookie jar! (Child’s name) stole the cookies from the cookie jar! Who, they? Yes, they! No way! Then hey!!! Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

(Bring up the next child, until prop cookies are no more. Then finish the chant and ask the children to return the cookies to the jar.)

Who returned the cookies to the cookie jar? Who returned the cookies to the cookie jar? Which kid? They all did? Well yay, Hooray!!

Felt Rhyme: “Down Around the Corner” (countdown cookies as they disappear, then count them back up as they return)

Down around the corner at the bakery shop

were five yummy cookies with sprinkles on top

Along comes (name) with a dollar to pay

They buy a cookie and takes it away!

Read: Who Ate All The Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont

Video created by Hearts & Heroes Read Aloud

Action Rhyme: “Making Cookie Dough” (originally used on Jen in the Library)

 I am making cookie dough

round and round the beaters go

add some flour from a cup

stir and stir the batter up

roll them, cut them, nice and neat

put them on a cookie sheet

Bake them count them 1 2 3

Serve them to my friends for tea!

Imagination Play Prompts:

  • Let’s pretend you’re at the grocery store walking down the cookie aisle. What do you see?
  • Let’s play Bakery! Let’s make some cookies together. What should our ingredients be for our first batch of cookies?

Activity: Hunt the Cookies. Print and laminate images of chocolate chip cookies, and a large cookie jar. Use blue tacky to stick the cookies around your story time area. Ask the children to find one cookie and bring it back to the cookie jar. Once all (20+) cookies are found, count them together.

Craft: Excavate for Chocolate Chips. Pass out baggies with two Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks. Have the children “excavate” their chocolate chips. As they extract the chocolate chips, have them use the activity sheet to count their chips. They can also “decorate” cookies on their sheet when they’re finished counting. Oh, and eat the cookies.

Activity Sheets are my creation and may be replicated for story time use.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Children may be able to count up to twenty, count backwards and forwards up to five.
  • Children will practice early literacy concepts and pre-kindergarten skills, such as counting
  • Children will be introduced to the concept of “excavating”
  • A rich imaginative play exercise will assist in recollection of these lessons

And that’s the End: This is always a really fun story time because genuinely, who doesn’t love cookies? Even the parents get a kick out of seeing their kids run around collecting cookies from the walls, or watching them shout out bizarre ingredients for cookies, such as the infamous “spider-webs” fiasco of ’19.

Keep going & Keep kids curious!

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